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Value Builds
From the Bottom Up

SteelStreet Capital Partners represents a powerful framework for the development of value from the bottom up, erecting a solid infrastructure around a principled approach of opportunity identification, rapid response and value creation.

It’s forged in unique secondary market vision and deep commercial real estate experience, and it’s delivered with an entrepreneurial spirit in the pursuit of emerging opportunities and community revitalization.

SteelStreet Stats:

  • Commercial real estate investment firm founded in 2016

  • Target opportunities in select secondary markets

  • Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


We Do Right, Right Now

Investment strategies have a shelf life. We invest with strategies that work now and can be deployed quickly. It’s all about the fundamentals.

Best of Both Worlds

Our smaller size enables us to ensure a big focus on the concerns and needs of both community members and investors, addressing them directly, rapidly and effectively without a tedious internal bureaucracy.

Strong Communities, Strong Investments

We leverage our experience to seek real estate outcomes that maximize value for neighborhoods, cities and investors. When our communities prosper, everyone wins.

Real Estate Experience

We are real estate professionals experienced in finance rather than finance professionals investing in real estate. Real estate is not just another asset class to us. It’s our passion.

Recent Completion

Helm on the Allegheny

If you’re looking for an established Real Estate Developer to manage a complex project, consider this a testament to our ability to deliver quality real estate, on time and within budget. We worked closely with our clients, local stakeholders, and architects to oversee this incredible project, and the excellent Helm on the Allegheny speaks for itself.

491A0825 .jpg

Real Vision
Real Estate Expertise

SteelStreet principals offer a unique perspective as both fiduciaries and deeply experienced real estate professionals, delivering insight, integrity and innovation to investors and driving both community and economic revitalization to the neighborhoods served.


Brandon E. Guy

Founder & President


Ryan Guy

Founder & VP Investment Analysis

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