SteelStreet believes that real estate development exists at the intersection of public and private interests, driving local economic growth, creating value for investors and revitalizing communities.

There is more to real estate than dollar signs and numbers.  Prudent real estate investment should provide opportunities to more than just the users of the real estate by driving increased economic activity in the local community, resulting in more jobs and prosperity. Through a principled approach to identifying investment opportunities, we focus on the design and development of solutions that optimize value and opportunity for all parties.

  • Consistency
    Focus on consistent results; consistently hitting singles and doubles pays off in the long-term more than swinging for the fences.
  • Execution
    Focus on projects with clearly defined acquisition, positioning and succession strategies.
  • Expedition

    Expedite the due diligence and closing process once an investment prospect has been identified.

  • Focus
    Focus on communities with compelling characteristics; focus on core competencies to maximize return on labor.
  • Bottom-Up Value Approach

    Focus on a bottom-up value approach applied to each individual investment prospect.  Each investment exists in a unique neighborhood, has unique potential and requires a unique plan.

  • Revitalization

    Identify properties and neighborhoods that may be experiencing distress; pave the path of progress.

  • Efficiency

    Focusing on the needs of investors, the community and local citizens creates efficiencies in realizing positive outcomes.

  • Discipline
    Stay true to your philosophy, be patient and work both smart and hard.