We know the urban fringe markets. We understand this unique multi-generational moment. And we are positioned to provide a real estate solution to both communities and investors – rapidly and with precision.


Deal Sourcing

  • Focus on community revitalization
  • In-house acquisition team
  • Direct relationships
  • Comprehensive pipeline


  • Preliminary financial analysis
  • Measured market needs assessment
  • Preliminary investment committee
  • Purchase and sale agreement

Due Diligence

  • Comprehensive in-house process
  • Needs, uses & history of neighborhood
  • Begin community engagement process
  • Create comprehensive business plan
  • Environmental assessment
  • Sustainability analysis

Approval and Acquisition

  • Final Investment Committee approval
  • Finalize permitting and public review
  • Continue community engagement process
  • Acquisition closing

Ownership and Operation

  • Execute business plan rapidly
  • Property management with a focus on community outreach
  • Long-term community engagement plan
  • Focus on sustainability

Succession Plan

  • Emphasize positive community outcomes
  • Evaluate financing and sale opportunities
  • Optimize economic impact